Limited Damage Waiver

Limited Damage Waiver

Limited Damage Waiver: Our boat rental contract provides that the customer is responsible for any damage or loss to the boat or its inventory while it is in the customer’s possession, regardless of whether the damage is caused by negligence, third parties, pets, wild animals, underwater obstacles, wind, waves, or other causes.

The Limited Damage Waiver is not insurance. The Limited Damage Waiver offers limited coverage for damage or loss to the boat under some circumstances. It does not cover all damage or loss.

A. The Limited Damage Waiver Does NOT Cover:

  • Negligence (whether by the customer, guests, or any third parties)
  • Use, operation, or occupation of the boat in violation of the terms of the rental contract
  • Failure to comply with waterway rules and regulations, including Coast Guard regulations
  • Use, operation, or occupation of the boat under the influence of drugs (including over-the-counter or prescription drugs) or alcohol
  • Failure to comply with posted warnings on the boat
  • Damage caused by pets
  • Bodily injury (of customer, guests, or third parties)
  • Loss of the boat’s inventory or equipment
  • Property damage other than damage to the boat or inventory rented from Bridge Bay at Shasta Lake
    • Customer’s own property and property owned by third parties is NOT covered.

B. What Does it Cover?

  • If the damage or loss to the boat is not excluded under “A” above, the damage waiver will cover damage to or loss of the rental boat, or damage to the inventory or equipment of the rental boat, in excess of $500.00.

C. Conditions Precedent to Enforceability of the Limited Damage Waiver

  • Customer must indicate his/her election to purchase the Limited Damage Waiver by initialing in the Damage Waiver section of the contract at the time the Contract is signed; and
  • Customer must pay the fee for the Limited Damage Waiver to Bridge Bay at Shasta Lake as set forth in the Contract at the time the Contract is signed

D.  How Does It Work?

  • When the watercraft is returned to the marina, the Crew will inspect the craft for damage.  If there is damage found, then the Customer will be charged for that damage – but ONLY up to $500.00.  If the damage is extensive, and if none of the items in part A above apply, then the Customer will only be responsible for a total payment of $500.00.
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